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Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, I am a Personal Trainer with years of experience.  I take pride in the fact that I can get even the most anti-exercise person fitter, stronger and healthier!

Personal Training
Personal Training.

From beginner to experienced athlete, get one to one professional training specific to your needs.  Don't accept the run of the mill.  Get training built around your personal needs and limitations.

Online Personal Training
Online Coaching.

New to Rees Fitness - if you can't see me in person, you can still get the benefit of my coaching experience.  Get online coaching and help from me, from basic online courses all the way to fully customised, personal coaching with check ins and assessments.

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
Healthy eating and nutrition.

You can't out-train a bad diet.  That's a fact.  Find out how to overhaul your eating habits for a healthier life and peak performance.  Don't get confused by everything you read in the papers, find out the truth from a professional.

Stroke Rehabilitation
Stroke rehabilitation.

If you have suffered a stroke, improve your health, independence and quality of life.  I take group classes and one to one sessions.

Exercise tutorials
Exercise Tutorials.

For beginners and advanced athletes alike, you are almost certainly not getting the most out of your exercises because you are simply not doing them as effectiely as you could be.  Stop wasting your time and find out how to do your exercises properly here.

Book your training now
Book your training with Rees Fitness.

Book your training with Rees Fitness here!  Don't wait for your life to pass you by.  Take control now...

I was very honoured to be a speaker at the local doctors osteoporosis support group the other day (could being a talking head be the future for me????)

So it was my job to try to tell the sufferers of osteoporosis how good exercise and good food can help them with their condition.  I was told I had done a good job because no one had fallen asleep during my talk (I like it when the bar is set so low a mouse could step over it).


Real core training, real results

A wise man also once said:

Core strength and stability has bugger all to do with how many sit ups you can do.
It's how you set and maintain your spine against an external force that matters.