Group Stroke Rehab Sessions

Skipton Stroke Rehab

What is it?

The group session aims include:

  • Introducing stroke survivors to other people in a similar situation so they can learn from and help each other.
  • Help people increase the quality and quantity of their movements.
  • Help people practice, rehearse and improve the functional skills they will use in their everyday lives.
  • Help people improve their overall fitness, strength, mobility and health.
  • Help people regain the confidence to live the rest of their lives to the full.

Where is it?

The classes are held at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre in Skipton.  See below for a map, or click here to open a fresh map.

When is it?

Every Friday at 1:15pm.

IMPORTANT!  If you have not been to this class before...

Before you attend your first class, please complete the Stroke Impact Scale.  This is an online assessment of your current condition.  It helps us track what impact these classes have on your condition.  It can be found by clicking here.

For your first go, please arrive by 1pm at the latest, so you can meet me, Cerin Rees.  I can then find out about you and your current condition.

Please feel free to bring any friend or family member with you.  They are more than welcome and we have found they are useful for helping you with “homework” exercise between classes.