Cerin Rees

I have a natural love of being active and "playing" at life.  I like helping others find this love too.  Especially when I see the spark in their eyes when they realise "wow, I can do this!"

As an independent Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, I work with individuals and groups of all abilities and levels, helping them achieve their personal goals and rehabilitate after injuries.

I get huge satisfaction from helping people focus on what they "can do" and realise there is always a Plan B to achieving what they want.  It just takes a bit of imagination.


  • BSc in biology
  • ARNI Stroke rehabilitation instructor.
  • Level 3 - Wright Foundation GP Referral Exercise Instructor
  • Level 3 - YMCA Advanced Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 - Weight management.
  • Level 2 - YMCA Supervising Exercise with Disabled People
  • Certified Karate Union Of Great Britain (KUGB) Shotokan Karate instructor, with over 20 years experience.
  • Clean CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.
  • Completed Sports Coach UK Workshops in:
    • Good Practice & Child Protection
    • Coaching Disabled Sports People
    • Coaching & the Law


  • Started learning Shotokan Karate when 7 years old.
  • By age of 12 was regularly planning and teaching Karate at the childrens class.
  • Gaining more and more coaching experience throughout teenage years, and by age of 16 was taking training sessions at both kids and adults classes every week.
  • Students were both male and female and ranged from 5 year olds to those in late 70’s (hello Brian & Vera if you’re out there!)
  • Class sizes ranged from individuals to 64 on one occasion!
  • After gaining university degree, I started my own shotokan karate club and coached school kids, whole families, policemen, university heads of depts. etc
  • Students ranged widely in abilities, including those with missing limbs, learning disabilities, heart conditions, chronic arthritis, and those who can only be described as being incredibly fit and healthy!
  • In 2006 I moved to North Yorkshire and qualified as a Gym Instructor and then a GP Referral Instructor.  This means GP's can refer their patients to me to help them recover from, or control/manage, their medical conditions.
  • In 2014 I qualified as an ARNI Stroke Rehabilitation coach.  
  • I take the weekly Skipton Stroke Rehab class at Craven Fitness Centre (click here for more details).  I also work with private individuals to help them live their life to the fullest after their stroke (click here for more details).


Click here to read my blog where I tend to write whatever happens to be passing through my mind at that moment. This will give you an idea of my personality, and if you want to talk to me (but I'm a nice guy really!)


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