A wise man talks about core strength and stability...

Real core training, real results

A wise man also once said:

Core strength and stability has bugger all to do with how many sit ups you can do.
It's how you set and maintain your spine against an external force that matters.


We don't do anything special, but we can achieve special things...

I don't know how to categorise this post, except I just had to say here goes:

I had a lovely email from the mother/carer of one of the gang who comes to our stroke rehab classes (if you don't know about our classes, click here for details).  Here is what it said:

"Just how did you do that!  He has come back taller and he still is today, sat and stood bolt upright after 30 years of leaning!!   Thank you...!!"


The basics of the squat

I coach everyone to do the squat as well as they possibly can.  Doesn't matter who they are.

My stroke clients should squat because it helps them get up and out of their chair.  This means they are not confined to their chairs for the rest of their lives, so they have a much improved quality of life.

My every day clients should squat because stronger lower body muscles help keep their joints healthy and working for years to come.


Keighley stroke rehab class

Stroke Rehab

We are very lucky to have a third stroke class starting next week!

On Wednesday June 6th, 12:30-1:30pm, we will be starting a trial run of gym based sessions at Keighley Leisure Centre.


New stroke class coming soon...

Coming Soon...

New stroke rehab class Wednesday June 6th

Put it in your diary folks....more details to come over the next few days....


No Stroke Rehab class on Friday 11th May

This is just a quick note to let you all know that there will be NO stroke rehab class on Friday 11th of May, 2018.

I'll be travelling to North Wales that day for a silly event on the weekend.  So I'm sorry about that.

But don't forget, there will still be a class on Mondays at Ilkley Tennis Club.  If you don't know about this, click here to find out more...


The best exercises to strengthen your joints

A common question I am asked is:

"What are the best exercises to strengthen my knee/hips/shoulders/elbows/back?"

In other words, what exercises are there to strengthen my joints??

So first things first, the usual disclaimers:  I'm not a physio or anything, I'm no expert, and this is not advice in any way at all.  It's just something for you to think about and help you get on the right track.


2 Week Challenge - 8/1/18

Rees Fitness 2 week challenge

It's quite simple.  Getting fitter and stronger means working hard and doing it often.  That way, we can gradually get better over time.  So welcome to the 2 week challenge!


Real core training, real results - Workshop

Real Core Training, Real Results

Recently I have been approached by a few people who need stronger cores for various reasons.  These reasons have included:


What are your goals for next month?

People come to me with various goals.  Often they fall along the lines of:

  • Get fitter
  • Get stronger
  • Get slimmer
  • Get healthier
  • Move better

All these are fantastic reasons to hire me (did you know you could hire me to help you with all these??)  But first we need to know what your goals and targets are...

"What do you really want?"