The difference between knowing, and doing.

We all know how to get fitter:

  • Move more
  • Move more often
  • Get the blood pumping
  • Get the breathing up

We all know how to get stronger:

  • Lift weights
  • Do resistance exercises
  • Do it more often

We all know how to eat healthier:

  • Eat less junk food
  • Eat more fruit and veg

Virtually every day there is a magazine or newspaper article telling us some version of the above.  Knowing what we need to do is not our problem.  Instead, our problem is actually putting it into practice and doing these things.

Do you have a strategy in place to help you do the things we know we need to do?  If not, contact me here and maybe I can help you.

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"My name is Richard, and I live near the coast in Oregon, USA. I didn’t have a real stroke four years ago, but I did have most of if not all of the symptoms thanks to a careless Neurosurgeon who was busy trying to save my life from a brain tumor that had other plans. Anyway, after four years of my self-directed, home-based gait training program, I actually took a small step on Saturday the 13th of August, without any kind of aid or support. I was inspired by the great success stories posted by so many Rees followers; miracles can and do happen. Don’t ever let up or give up. And it’s OK to wear bright colors and funny socks."