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Welcome to Rees Fitness: strength & fitness coaching and personal training - Skipton, North Yorkshire.

One to one personal training

  • Punching fitKick start your exercise routine.
  • If you are a complete beginner to exercise, get a simple, safe and fun introduction to physical activity.
  • Give your motivation a boost.
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Get Fitter.

  • Don't get out of breath so easily.
  • Last longer while working harder.
  • Perform better in your sport.
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Get Stronger.

Get ready for an event

  • Need to get ready for a challenge/competition/test? Get a comprehensive training programme to get you prepared like never before!
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"You don't let me get away with things like the others do!"

"You don't let me get away with things like the others do!"

BodypumpI've nothing much to say today except to blow my own trumpet.  Because this was a lovely compliment (well, I took it as a compliment, anyway) I got from a couple of ladies the other day.

August Strength & Fitness Assessment

I'm guessing this is not what many people want, but what the hell.  The day after Tough Mudder weekend here in Skipton, I'm going to have a go at the monthly Strength & Fitness Assessment (click here to find more out about it).  It will be interesting to see how I do compared to previous assessments.

So, register below if you are curious as to what you can do, or if you just love training.

Make the most of your next months training by planning it in advance and actually getting it done.

Knowing what you want to do in your training over the next month is one thing (and a really important thing that so many of us fail to do). Figuring out just how to do it and actually getting it done is another thing altogether!

Things in our head can often be very “fuzzy”.  Ideas, plans, goals, targets etc have a nasty habit of evolving from one thing to another.  


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