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Welcome to Rees Fitness: strength & fitness coaching and personal training - Skipton, North Yorkshire.

One to one personal training

  • Punching fitKick start your exercise routine.
  • If you are a complete beginner to exercise, get a simple, safe and fun introduction to physical activity.
  • Give your motivation a boost.
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Get Fitter.

  • Don't get out of breath so easily.
  • Last longer while working harder.
  • Perform better in your sport.
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Get Stronger.

Get ready for an event

  • Need to get ready for a challenge/competition/test? Get a comprehensive training programme to get you prepared like never before!
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Upcoming FLASHmobs...

Upcoming FLASHmob Fitness training is as follows:

September Strength & Fitness Assessment - 7/9/14.

If you don't know what this is, I've explained it all before, so click here to find out.  And click here to register your name.

Tapering for events - what is it and why do it.

What is tapering?

"Tapering = maximising recovery, not fitness."

The difference between theory and reality...and which one comes up trumps.

TheoryI assess peoples fitness and strength and advise on workouts and training routines for quite a few people.  I use a mixture of theory and experience to do this.


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