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Welcome to Rees Fitness: strength & fitness coaching and personal training - Skipton, North Yorkshire.

One to one personal training

  • Punching fitKick start your exercise routine.
  • If you are a complete beginner to exercise, get a simple, safe and fun introduction to physical activity.
  • Give your motivation a boost.
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Group training.


Get Fitter.

  • Don't get out of breath so easily.
  • Last longer while working harder.
  • Perform better in your sport.
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Get Stronger.

Get ready for an event

  • Need to get ready for a challenge/competition/test? Get a comprehensive training programme to get you prepared like never before!
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Rees Fitness Challenge: Embsay Dam Dash.

Targets, deadlines, challenges and goals are awesome things.  They focus the mind and help us get things done.  So here is the first of a few challenges that we can have a go at, see how well we did and see how we improve over time.

Sunday at 10am...


Sunday 27th April, 10am.


Cowling Rocks.  Click here for a map.


Playing on the rocks, game of tig and a race up through the bracken back to the top.

Go on, show off! We are worth it...probably...

I've finally gotten round to doing something that I've been meaning to do for ages!  Anyone can now take part in any of the growing number of Rees Fitness challenges whenever they like.  They can then record their results for posterity and for the world to see!  So far we have the Broughton 1.5 mile run and the Embsay Dam Dash.  Do either of these, record your results (don't cheat!!) and see how you compare to others and yourself over time.

I'm going to gradually add more challenges as I get round to them.


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